Double Hand

Shooting Heads

This brand new series of double hand shooting heads in floating and density compensated sink II/IV is purely designed for best performance in european style “underhand” casting. These heads feature a high volume rear taper to accumulate as much casting energy as possible. This maximum load capacity is individually balanced with the entire lenght and front taper of each size to transform the embodied energy into a powerfull, consistent and precisely concerted underhand cast. Outstanding performance audited by some of the leading casting professionals around Europe.

  • color: sage; floating

    6009-029 SH Shooting Head – F 29gr für 12ft rod/#7 10,75 m
    6009-032 SH Shooting Head – F 32gr für 13ft rod/#8 11,25 m
    6009-035 SH Shooting Head – F 35gr für 13ft rod/#9/10 11,75 m
    6009-042 SH Shooting Head – F 42gr für 15ft rod/#10/11 12,50 m

    color: green/dark brown; sinking 2/sinking type 4

    6010-029 SH Shooting Head – S24 29gr für 12ft rod/#7 10,0 m
    6010-032 SH Shooting Head – S24 32gr für 13ft rod/#8 10,3 m
    6010-035 SH Shooting Head – S24 35gr für 13ft rod/#9/10 10,6 m
    6010-038 SH Shooting Head – S24 38gr für 14ft rod/ #9/10 10,9 m
    6010-042 SH Shooting Head – S24 42gr für 15ft rod/#10/11 11,2 m
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