Sink Tip

Climax Flyfishing Sink Tip, Verpackung und Schnur

Climax SinkTip lines are best choice when fishing for big trout, Hucho Hucho or pike in rivers or lakes. With few hauls they easily cast large distances and their roughly 7m long and fast sinking tip quickly dives your fly into deep. The running line floats extremely well so it does not get tangled in under water obstacles when stripped back in.

  • 6003-200 SINK TIP 200 grain Ø 6 – 8 30 m light blue sinking
    6003-250 SINK TIP 250 grain Ø 7 – 9 30 m camo sand sinking
    6003-300 SINK TIP 300 grain Ø 8 – 10 30 m rusty brown sinking
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