Climax Flyfishing Unlimited, Verpackung und Schnur

The Climax Unlimited is an aptly named weight forward line which is made to maximize the capability and casting distance of your fast action rod. With elongated front and rear tapes ans an extra long level head, Unlimited can double-haul or roll cast exceptional distances while maintaining control of the fly’s landing. Experienced and novice casters will appreciate the Unlimited taper – a versatile WF taper that excels at tossing large dries, streamers or indicator nymph rigs

  • color: white/sand

    6002-003 UNLIMITED Fly Line – WF 3 floating
    6002-004 UNLIMITED Fly Line – WF 4 floating
    6002-005 UNLIMITED Fly Line – WF 5 floating
    6002-006 UNLIMITED Fly Line – WF 6 floating
    6002-007 UNLIMITED Fly Line – WF 7 floating
    6002-008 UNLIMITED Fly Line – WF 8 floating
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