Climax Fly Line Flyfishing X-Act, Verpackung und Schnur

Climax X-Act is a weight forward floating line that is designed for those who like to sigt fish in little creeks and crystal clear waters. The elongated front taper enhances smooth presentation, makes controlled overhand and roll casts in tight quarters without sacrificing the ability to double haul to the far bank – a perfect choice for fisching small dries and nymphs or casting to visible fish.

  • color: white, sage

    6001-002 X-ACT Fly Line – WF 2 floating
    6001-003 X-ACT Fly Line – WF 3 floating
    6001-004 X-ACT Fly Line – WF 4 floating
    6001-005 X-ACT Fly Line – WF 5 floating
    6001-006 X-ACT Fly Line – WF 6 floating
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