CULT Feeder Bottom Braid

Braided on state-of-the-Art computer-controlled machines, using finest HMPE fibres and perfectly stretched using laser-technology! The result: an ultra smooth, supple thin and highly abrasion resistant line that dives deep down! Perfect in use for all feeder- and match angler as well as for vertical fishing or light tackle fishing with small lures!

  • Perfect in use for all Feeder- and Match anglers
  • Extra thin diameters with superb knot strength
  • Color: darkgrey

    Ø 0,06 0,09 0,12 0,15
    kg 3,2 4,1 5,0 7,5
    Ø 0,18 0,21 0,24
    kg 9,5 10,6 11,8