Gelspun Backing

Climax Flyfishing Gelspun Backing, Verpackung

Round, extremely strong and absolutely UV-, oil and saltwater resistant this hi-tech Gel Spun boosts everything you ever used for Backing. Microsealed and thermofixed PE fibres create an enormous breaking strain at super small diameters and incredible abrasion resistance so you can fill your reel with plenty of Backing and be at the safe end when the Salmon of a lifetime, Sailfish or GT is taking your breath and fly to the end of the horizon.

  • color: coral orange

    6302-035-0100 GELSPUN Backing 35 lb 100 m
    6302-035-2000 GELSPUN Backing 35 lb 2000 m
    6302-060-0100 GELSPUN Backing 60 lb 100 m
    6302-060-2000 GELSPUN Backing 60 lb 2000 m