Hyper Spin

The perfect high-performance line made of the best copolymer material for fishing with hardand softlures as well as dead bait, super supple and superbly abrasion-resistant. The low stretch allows for direct contact, which is really important especially when spinning with hard- or softlures.

Thanks to the amazingly smooth fluorocarbon- sealed surface, exceptionally long casts can be achieved. The high wet knot strength and an extremely low memory are further guarantees of a fishing experience which promises to be really successful. The striking colours make it easier for the human eye to see the line, even under poor lighting conditions, without scaring the fish.

  • extremely smooth monofilament
  • excellent casting properties
  • reduced elongation for more control
  • colors: red, fluo-yellow, white

    Ø 0,18 0,20 0,22 0,25 0,28 0,30 0,35
    kg 2,8 3,6 4,5 5,2 7,0 8,2 10,5