Max Mono

MAX Quality

For 100%, the new Climax MAX MONO is made of a supreme multi-polymer, which is made exclusively for Climax. A premium Fluorocarbon-coating adds abrasion resistance and extra casting distance.

MAX Control

This special monofilament has a perfect, reduced elongation of 23%. MAX MONO allows a maxium of control over bait and fish, but remains perfectly supple.

MAX Strength

Linear strength as well as knot strength of MAX MONO are superb and, as all Climax lines, continuously tested and confirmed in the lab.

MAX Reliability

The MAX MONO is extremely consistant and reliable with lowest tolerances. Every inch is equally strong, thin and round.

MAX Resistance

A special Fluorocarbon-surface treatment makes the line cast easily and silently through the line guides. On top, the line is very abrasion resistant.

  • colors: clear, oliv, black

    Ø 0,10 0,12 0,14 0,16 0,18
    kg 1 1,3 1,9 2,4 3
    Ø 0,20 0,22 0,25 0,28 0,30
    kg 3,7 4,4 5 6,3 7,8
    Ø 0,32 0,35 0,38 0,40 0,45
    kg 8,5 11 14,0 18,0 22,0