Climax Polytaper give anglers the ability to fish the entire water column and to quickly switch between floating, intermediate and sinking tips without having to change their fly line. A Climax Polytaper delivers all the energy from the fly line for a powerful turnover and straight landing on the water – essential for fishing streamers or swinging flies to Salmon, Steelhead or Seatrout.

  • color: clear; floating

    6112-024 Polytaper 9ft – F 24 lb 2,70 m 9 ft

    color: clear; intermediate

    6113-008 Polytaper 7ft – I 8 lb 2,10 m 7 ft
    6113-036 Polytaper 9ft – I 36 lb 2,70 m 9 ft

    color: dunkelbraun; sinking 3

    6114-012 Polytaper 9ft – S3 12 lb 2,70 m 9 ft