Toothy Critter

Stainless Steel Tippet
Climax Flyfishing Toothy Critter, Verpackung

This steel leader is the first choice when you hunt pike, bluefish or barracuda. Its ultra-fine steel constriction is stronger than the sharpest teeth but soft enough for a knot! If you carefully weld the coating, you will get a knotless loop. The material can be peeled off the Click-Twist light-weight bobbins without jerks. The absorbent Flex-Straps made of soft neoprene fix and protect the steel leader.

  • color: dark green

    6210-010 Toothy Critter 10 lb 5 m
    6210-020 Toothy Critter 20 lb 5 m
    6210-035 Toothy Critter 35 lb 5 m
    6210-050 Toothy Critter 50 lb 5 m